People are so busy these days! Let the Elf Shelf help by designing baskets to celebrate any occasion.

Let the Elf Shelf help you create a gift basket that is truly unique to the person receiving it. We will use our creativity and add all the special touches. Everyone needs an Elf in their life… Let us to do the leg work for you!

The unstoppable spirit of Nick, the Chief elf!The Elf Shelf was created in 2011 in Claremont NH with the goal of adding purpose to the life of Chief Elf, Nick, a remarkable young man whose indomitable spirit and smile transcend his disabilities. At 19 years old, he has struggled with several disabilities since birth. But as an Elf, his indomitable spirit and smile bring joy to family and friends far and near. Nick is working hard as the Chief ELF at the Elf Shelf.

Photo by Kate Barber

Photo by Kate Barber

Mom Janette has been searching for a way to add purpose and meaning to Nick’s life after high school. In a giant leap of faith, she started the Elf Shelf as a way to incorporate Nick into a business that helps him utilize his joyful spirit and nature. Her love of people and creative energy is what makes each gift basket truly unique.

Nick's Elf Shelf SleighDelivery in person is limited to the Claremont NH area, but Nick’s charm can reach further through custom gift packages as well.