Annalee Dolls!

The Nick Annalee dollThis special hand-crafted Annalee doll was designed as a tribute to Nick Coombs. Nick was born with multiple disabilities, but also sported a magic smile and a ready laugh as he met each challenge in life. his mom, Jen, developed a home business called “The Elf Shelf” and made Nick her business partner. Together they deliver customized gift baskets to grateful recipients with Nick pushing his sleigh or wagon wearing his green elf hat. The ball represents what he was holding the day he first walked at the age of eight. Enjoy the doll and believe that one must never give up hope in meeting life’s difficult challenges. (Each doll comes with this story tied up with a ribbon as part of the package.) Order your doll today! They are $22.50 each plus $7.50 shipping in the US. Please contact us if you are outside of the US and wish to order one.

INickdoll-lrf you live in the Upper Valley area of New England, the Nick Annalee Doll is also available at Kathan Gardens, Meriden Market, The Pink Smock, Putnam’s & Colonial Florist, The Blackberry Patch and Simply Sweet Creations.


Inspirational Cuffs

Inspire Strength~Tenacity~Fearlessness Celebrate your own EssenceThe cuffs are made of aluminum so they are very user friendly and shape the wrist well. They are $20 each plus first class postage in the US of $4. The phrases on these cuffs emerged from my life with Nick and words that describe how I attack life. There are three choices you can make from the order button: Inspire; Strength ~ Tenacity ~ Fearlessness; Celebrate Your Own Essence.

Choose a Cuff Inscription


Jeni Up Pendants

Jeni Up PendantFor the pendants it is just an inspirational saying which is listed in the urban dictionary and is defined as: Jeni up … To befriend someone at a sporting event. they are $15 each plus $4 first class shipping in the US. They come with a rubber cord. On the reverse side is etched “Befriend”. Presently these are only available in red. More colors are coming.


Jeni Up Dog Tags

Jeni Up Dog TagsAlso available in red, these are dog tag style pieces on a ball chain. Use them as a pendant, or a key ring! On one side, they read Jeni Up. On the reverse side, you get the full urban dictionary definition of the Jeni Up term: to befriend someone; verb; be+friend; to make friends or become friendly with; act as a friend to; help; aid; to befriend. $15 each, plus $4 first class shipping in the U.S.

We want to thank Lift Your Sole, our manufacturer for these items, for all of their support of the Elf Shelf. We could not do this without them! We invite you to check out their organization, but the only place you can order Elf Shelf items is here on our own site. Thanks!